Philip Cristiano

    How To Package a Service For OmniOS

    A previous post showed how to install files. If you wanted to run a service from that package there are a few more steps.

    Service Management Facility

    The Service Management Facility provides a way to manage services in OmniOS. If you are running a service you installed from a package, this is the way to do it.

    Steps to Package and Run a Service

    We will need to complete a few steps to package up a service and deploy it with IPS.

    • Create an SMF manifest that instructs SMF how to run our service

    • Deploy the SMF manifest

    • Start the service.

    Optionally, the service can be modified to read SMF properties so that it can be configured through svccfg


    Creating an Echo Server

    Creating an SMF Manifest

    A service manifest is an XML documents that contain the information required to run a command as a service. This would normally mean that you have to create a new XML document for each service. Thankfully there is the tool Manifold that can create an manifest with answers to the relevant questions.