OmniOS on Vultr

This week I started trying to install OmniOS in a Vultr instance. I'm not sure where I first saw Vultr listed but was drawn to it because they offer custom ISO installs. OmniOS isn't supported by most hosting vendors so I would need to install via a custom ISO.

Setting up an account was quick on Vultr, including $5 free credit for opening an account. When creating a new instance you can select the custom ISO after you've added it via URL to your account. They will transfer the ISO to the right datacenter, attach it, then boot up the instance.

The ISO booted fine but installing OmniOS onto the instance didn't work. It turns out that the OmniOS installer doesn't like the way Vultr exposes disks as block devices to the instance. This was mentioned by Dan McDonald in the #omnios channel after he helped me debug. Originally I tweeted about trying to install it and he followed up. He was very helpful and mentioned that the installer is due to be replaced which will work around this issue, but it won't be right away.

It seems just running OmniOS on baremetal is the way to go. I might wind up getting a colo'd box at this point.