Send Webmentions with Github Actions

As I start working with webmentions I needed to find a way to publish webmentions as part of the build/release process for this site. I'm currently using Github Actions to build the site and upload to Netlify. came up frequently when I searched around for how to publish webmentions. It supports RSS/Atom as a feed, although the docs suggest using IFTTT to trigger webhooks. Github Actions can do that though! For whatever reason didn't seen to find any links in my feed. As I was trying to figure out why by using the command line I discovered that the CLI version was able to find the links in my feed!

Adding this as a step post-release

- name: Send Webmentions
  run: |
    npm install @remy/webmention
    npx webmention ${{ secrets.WEBMENTION_TARGET_URL }} --limit=0 --send

In my pull-requests I have a variation of this, removing --send and using the temporary Netlify URL for the PR so I can see what webmentions would be sent.

As part of using my atom feed for this I now only include the last 10 posts in my feed to avoid sending lots of old webmentions, most of which didn't seem to work as the links are dead.